Hands On the New Flylow Jackets

I had the pleasure of handling and trying on few of Flylow’s new jackets the other night my local shop. As you may already know, I’m a big fan of their Dropkick Pro pants, so I was excited to check out their latest offerings. I’ll preface this with the fact I am a notoriously difficult fit into most jackets due to having slightly long arms for my height (5’10), and I usually end up having to compromise on overall fit to keep my wrists from freezing.

Flylow Higgins Jacket

Flylow Higgins Jacket

The Higgins is Flylow’s flagship jacket this season. Its a 3-layer hybrid hard/softshell that is touted as being the jacket for all conditions. Its soft to the touch with just the right amount of stretch and give in the fabric. Its feels extremely durable, but at the cost of some extra weight. Features include three outer pockets (two side and one napoleon) as well as two large interior pockets that are perfect for holding climbing skins. Based on the sizing chart from Flylow shown below, I am a medium which technically fit me, as long as I didn’t want to layer anything thicker than a t-shirt beneath. Its definitely a modern, form fitting piece of outerwear. The fit was extremely similar to my old medium Cloudveil Koven jacket. It was tight on me through the shoulders and upper chest, but oddly widened out through the mid section and was somewhat baggy (I assume to allow for stuffing climbing skins in those interior pockets). The arm pits on the jacket were on the high side and left little to catch on, while allowing for plenty of mobility. The sleeve length was spot on 34-35 – this is something I am very picky about having longer than average arms for my height. The neck on the medium was simply too tight for me (just like my Koven) and didnt allow any room for any sort of mid layer with a collar without choking. To date the only company that consistently has what I would deem a functional fit through the neck and upper chest would be Arcteryx – but since this doesnt seem to bother many other people, maybe its just me. I also felt the helmet compatible hood on the medium would be too small to fit around my large sized helmet, but I did not actually test this. I comparatively tried on a large and found that while it gave me enough room through the neck shoulders and upper chest, the sleeves were too long and the mid section was way too baggy on me. It looks like I need a size medilarge, which is too bad overall I loved the material and functionality.

Flylow King Hoodie

Flylow King Hoodie

The King Hoodie is a lightweight packable puffy that is a great for keeping the cold at bay in the backcountry or taking the trash out in the morning. It sports two outside pockets, and pit zips! Finally someone put pit zips on an insulated jacket, thank you Flylow. There are also a couple smaller internal pockets and as I recall one of them was built for your iPod with a headphone slot. In a medium the jacket fit me perfectly through out my torso – just like my favorite hoody, but alas the curse of the monkey arms strikes again and the sleeves were about 1-2″ too short. I threw on the large and it fit me like a bath robe – way to big through the torso, but the sleeves were perfect. I encountered the same issue with my North Face Redpoint Jacket which compares well to the King Hoodie, but when I sized up to the large in that jacket to get the right sleeve length, It was only slightly oversized in the torso, not enough to discourage a purchase. Once again, a great feeling jacket, with tons of function but I just cant seem to fit into it.

Flylow Lab Coat Hardshell

Flylow Lab Coat

The Lab Coat is Flylow’s hardshell thats been around for a few seasons. I had never tried one on so I threw one on quickly. It has a loose square/baggy fit, the antithesis of the Higgins, so if you’re looking for a hard shell with a lot of function (2 side, 1 napoleon, and a few internal pockets, with two massive pit zips) and plenty of room to layer then this is your ticket. I personally found it too baggy and the sleeves were slightly short on me in the medium.

Flylow Sizing Chart

14-14 1/2
15-15 1/2
15 1/2-16
16 1/2-17
17-17 1/2
32 1/2-33 1/2


  1. Nice update on the fly low-particularly for people who are a bit more difficult to fit. Given your long arm situation you may want to check in on the beyond custom jacket. Pricey but it may solve your problem. Now lets get someone to make a softshell with all the following:

    1) insulated -r hybrid insulated
    2) wrist system, like gaitors, neoprene cuffs etc.
    3) The three Ps

    -pit zips
    -powder skirt-removable
    -pockets (interior preferred)

    4) Helmet compatible hood with easy to use functionable clasp/cinch system
    5) fleece lined collar-but not a sidewinder
    6) higher collar which does not dig under the chin, venting would be over the top
    7) NO GAPER colors/pattern (ala karbon, spyder etc) busy logos, and contrast tape (mountain hardware), contrasting colors etc

    8) Last but not least- NO or minimally invasive logo.

    Hows that for a challenge….

  2. I love my Higgins jacket. I have it in a medium yellow, and it just works for me. I would definitely recommend it.

  3. Just your height tells me nothing about the fit. You could be 5’10 and 190, 175 or even 200 or 150, the fact that you left out your neck size, weight and chest size makes most of your review worthless.

    ” The neck on the medium was simply too tight for me” with out your neck size this means nothing.

    “It was tight on me through the shoulders and upper chest” Again worthless.

    I appreciate the review but without knowing what your measurements are what good is including those parts or your review.

  4. Yea sorry about that, I wasnt in a great mood that day, I cant find the jacket in any stores around me and every review was the same, they all commented on the fit and had no specs. the only site to include the models height and weight was evo. And from that the medium looked perfect.

    BUMMER ! Im your almost exact measurements, i found this bad boy for 65$ new and its a medium. Thanks for the info that helped me more than any other review~

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