The Gear Sloot Tuning Room

Nothing beats a nice thorough hand wax when it comes to caring for your boards. It prolongs the life of the ski, keeps you from poling out of the flats at the bottom of your favorite tree shot, and can even help win you that impromptu Chinese Downhill. The problem is waxing can be a messy affair and its not likely that your landlord or better half will appreciate the smell of burning wax and the sticky texture of ground-in scrapings on the kitchen floor.

I think every unabashed gear fiend should have a space set aside for keeping their quiver in good shape. I’m pretty certain that this mandate was impressed upon me at a young age while exploring the basement of my cousin’s apartment in North Woodstock, NH. Being a twenty-plus year season pass holder at Cannon, he had acquired everything needed to operate a professional ski tuning shop out of his own home. Highlights included a commercial belt tuner, a vintage pepsi machine that dispensed beer for 25 cents, and an assortment of local ski nostalgia that included old trail signs and an actual t-bar from the defunct surface lift at Cannon.

Living within 10 miles of Boston makes my professional life easier (until I someday find a way to merge my professional and personal lives into one) but space is at somewhat of a premium. I managed to convert a creepy 6×12 holding cell in my dusty fieldstone basement into a pretty serviceable waxing and tuning room. The centerpiece is a decidedly ghetto tuning bench, comprised of an old folding table that performs triple duty for Beirut games and Pat’s tailgate parties, with a few scraps of screwed together 2×4, a strategically placed c-clamp and an entire tube of silicone caulking. Its served me well for the past five years and I have no intention of replacing it any time soon. The moral of the story here is spend your cash on the tuning gear that has a lot of lasting value (e.g. pozidrive screwdriver, ski drill bits/taps (for home mounts), scrapers and a brush or two) and apply principals of Yankee ingenuity for the rest.

The gear sloot tuning room

The gear sloot tuning room

Got your own wax room? Is it equipped to rival your local shop, or is it astoundingly more decrepit than my own? Who cares, either way its stoke, so post a link to a picture in the comments.


  1. Are those Motherships on that tuning bench?!?
    Those must be a BRAND NEW addition to your quiver this fall – otherwise where’s the review?

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